Envidity Energy Inc. is focused on two coal-to-liquids projects in southeastern Europe.  The first project on our agenda relates to a long-term coal supply agreement located adjacent to an existing coal mine and coal-fired thermal power plant.  This project is situated next to a large river (for fresh water supply), connected directly to the railway network, and sits within an existing natural gas pipeline grid.  Nearby mature oil fields will be able to utilize the captured CO2 to enhance ultimate oil recovery efforts.

The initial plant size is 1200 barrels of synthetic fuel per day (70% zero sulphur, high cetane synthetic diesel). An additional larger plant to be built on the site is envisioned to be 20,000 barrels per day.  As this project matures additional details will be considered for expansion plans.


The second opportunity is a long-term exploration/mining license investment agreement, in a location with substantial proven lignite reserves, i.e. reserves equivalent to super giant oil field.  This location will also facilitate the initial surface gasification project and the longer term development of our more environmentally friendly in-situ coal gasification technology.  Due to the reserves size, plant expansion to 100,000 barrels per day are possible. Additional details will be defined as further information is studied while the project matures.

Both projects occur within countries that presently import large quantities of crude oil or transportation fuels.  Moreover, both projects occur in economically depressed regions where Endivity’s technology will not only produce more environmentally friendly transportation fuels, but the projects and expansions promise to create significant new employment opportunities.

Several attractive projects have also been identified within North America, and efforts are currently underway to secure these projects.