Our Team

General Wesley K. Clark, Chairman

General Clark was appointed as a member of our Board of Directors in April 2012. Currently, General Clark serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wesley K. Clark & Associates, a strategic consulting firm he founded in March 2003. General Clark has served as an advisor to and a board member of numerous domestic and international energy companies, including Bankers Petroleum Ltd., a Canadian-based oil and gas exploration and production company and Juhl Wind, Inc., a wind energy provider and Rentech, a wood fibre processing and fertilizer production company. He is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative’s Energy & Climate Change Advisory Board and ACORE’s Advisory Board. General Clark had a distinguished 34 year career in the U.S. Army where he rose to the rank of four-star general and held the position of NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Commander in Chief of the U.S. –European Command. General Clark graduated from West Point and received a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford where he obtained a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He later graduated from the Command and General Staff College with a master’s degree in military science.

Jeff Brookman (MBA, BAScGeol Eng)

Jeff has over 30 years of progressively more challenging experience in the upstream oil and gas business. Building upon the success of his technical career as a geoscientist, Jeff has enjoyed a very successful career in management. Jeff is equally at ease managing hundred million dollar start-ups as he is with transforming billion dollar Majors and large integrated NOCs.

He is very much a people person and a visionary leader. Jeff was instrumental in creating and implementing Kuwait Oil Company’s $26 billion 2020 strategy to grow their production from 2.3 million bopd to 4 million bopd by 2020.

Most recently, Jeff was instrumental in building a JV Company in Egypt from scratch, putting in place the technical teams, establishing the proper policies and procedures (Admin, HR, HSE, Materials and Procurement, Project Management), instilling within the organization an HSE mindset (safety first and respect for the environment), creating relationships with partners/government and establishing 5000 bopd of early oil production while putting 250 mmscfd of gas and 12000 bcpd behind pipe, completed and ready to export.

A.C. (Sandy) Laing (BSc. Geology, P.Geol., P.Eng.)

Sandy has over 35 years experience as a geologist, manager and entrepreneur in the oil and gas, minerals, ground water and geothermal energy industries. He is a proven oil finder and has worked extensively in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin as well as in the Williston Basin, Beaufort Sea, Canadian Arctic Islands and the Rift Basin in Kenya. He is also a director and shareholder of a company which owns a geothermal concession in Kenya with electrical generation potential of over 300 MW. Sandy also has wide experience with stakeholder and environmental issues having served as the Manager of Aboriginal Affairs responsible for all Canadian Aboriginal relations issues for the Exxon – BP – ConocoPhillips Alaska Gas Pipeline Project as well as Director Public and Government Affairs for BP Canada with responsibility for Federal and Provincial Government relations as well as the corporate relations with the general public.

William J. Sercombe (BASc – Geol. Eng., Petrophysics )

W.J. Sercombe is an intrepid successful explorer who discovered a giant field in only his second year in the oil industry. He was announced as doing Amoco’s best technical work at the 1993 annual company review and has authored close to 4,000 publications, citations and references in the petroleum sciences. His petrophysics were used to beat one of the industry’s leading petrophysicists in a lawsuit over the giant Anschutz field and he reinterpreted the Pakistan Himalayas correctly by conducting fieldwork in the most dangerous place on earth -lawless Waziristan in N.W. Pakistan. After finding a giant field in Canada he was then announced as the number two oil finder for Amoco Denver. He finished his career by correctly revising the mapping of most of BP’s critical deep-water fields. He has worked the Canadian Rockies and Alberta, American Rockies, Alaska, Pakistan, Egypt, Kuwait, Romania, Malta, Poland and the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Henry Scheil (B.Comm. CA)

Henry has 30 years work experience as a Chartered Accountant. He has spent about one-fifth of his career living in the Asia region. Henry has worked with companies at all stages of their development including start-up organization with global tax needs, companies in project mode, and large multi-nationals with world-class processes. His industry experience includes oil and gas, oil & gas services, technology, banking and agriculture. He has spent the last 10 years consulting for public and private companies in tax, systems, process controls, and accounting and finance. He has raised both equity capital and debt capital. Henry has the ability to build a solid infrastructure within the company and provide shareholders the knowledge that there are sound financial processes in place to build a world-class thriving company.

Max Eddington (B.S. Bus. Man. /Operations, member AAPL)

Max has over 30 years of experience as a petroleum land negotiator and manager in the upstream oil and gas business in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to his offshore, Arctic and other high profile project experience, he has a longstanding interest in properties involving coal and heavy oil. He is a coauthor of the official American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) Model Form 610 Operating Agreement Coal Bed Methane Revisions. Since 1981 Max has acquired, disposed and managed hundreds of thousands of hectares of coal bed methane lands located in major sedimentary basins of North America. He has worked with professionals of all upstream disciplines to design and implement hundreds of process improvements. He has trained and developed staff during his entire career and is an outstanding dealmaker and contract draftsman. He is a graduate of the prestigious Amoco training center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he received instruction from some of the most respected oil and gas practitioners and trainers.

Lindita Daija – Country Manager – Kosovo (BS Management)

Lindita graduated from the University of Prishtina, BS in Management, exchange Master Program in Business Administration in University of Amsterdam, and finalizing an Executive MBA with Sheffield University UK. She brings to the table diverse and abundant experience after 16 years of working with the largest international organizations and corporations in Kosovo. Achievements of Lindita primarily involve initiating and managing projects in the field of private sector, project management, finance and entrepreneurship. She established the tripartite platform run by businesses, government and civil society in partnership with international facilitators. She has been active in the local energy market for the last three years. Lindita Daija is a founding member and President of the Board of the Business Consultants Council (BCC) of Kosovo, the only official consulting body in the country. She is a founding member of the Kosovo CSR Network and the Executive Director, an association consisting of renowned corporations of Kosovo. She is the main driving force behind the success and the growth of CSR in Kosovo. Lindita has multiple certifications. She is a CMC, Certified Assessor for businesses and assets in Kosovo, project management and SAP in financial management. She regularly represents the country and European and global events in these domains. She is knowledgeable of key players in various business sectors in Kosovo and with her experience with international organizations enables her resourcefulness in finding business information and solutions. Her integrity and the trail of success during years of work with the international organizations, Government of Kosova and largest corporations have earned her a highly regarded reputation.

Vonnie Eng (B.A., LL.B, B.C.L)

After graduating from Brown University with her B.A., Vonnie received both her common law and civil law degrees from McGill University and has 18 years’ experience as both in-house counsel and in private practice in Montreal, Edmonton, Hong Kong and Calgary. She has focused mainly on corporate commercial matters as well as directors’ duties, trademarks and board governance. Her experience includes corporate/ commercial agreements including share and asset purchase agreements, sales agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, and lending agreements, project litigation/document management, board matters including board minutes, notices and resolutions, management of litigation files, trademarks : applications, infringement notices, oppositions, management of pension fund, corporate and private trusts and legal and compliance matters for closed-end funds.