Why Envidity

Envidity Energy Inc. is a private project development company that will build, own and operate coal-to-liquids (CTL) processing facilities using Fisher-Tropsch (FT) technology to produce premium quality, clean diesel, motor gasoline and jet fuels.

Envidity seeks out, secures and executes projects that provide game changing economic and environmental benefits, prosperity and stability. Our goal to use the advancement of technology to translate natural resources into revolutionary enduring economic development.

Envidity’s core business is to produce clean synthetic diesel fuel from coal.

The company is licensing proprietary, commercially demonstrated technologies that convert low cost coal into clean liquid transportation fuels. Our preferred business model is to acquire long term coal leases in countries that rely heavily on fuel imports. Alternatively we will partner with coal producers, either contractually or via joint ventures, to supply feedstock to the CTL facility on a long-term basis.

We intend to sell the premium diesel, motor gasoline and jet fuel produced by the CTL facility to credit-worthy commercial entities and/or investment grade-commodity traders through long term off-take agreements.


Development Strategy

Envidity’s approach to coal-to-liquids development (CTL) is similar to the successful oil sands development strategy in Western Canada.

  • Envidity intends to focus its initial development on low risk surface deposits where existing infrastructure is already in place, i.e. power plants that are adjacent to operating mines (supply of low cost feedstock) with utilities in place (water, power and communications) and where permitting requirements will be minimal.
  • Surface gasification technology and CTL are proven commercial processes. As of October 2014, there were 686 gasifiers in active commercial operation around the world that convert coal, biomass, bunker crude into synthetic liquid fuels, fertilizer feedstock, petrochemical products, electricity and synthetic natural gas. By 2018, it is envisioned that there will be over 1000 gasifiers in operation.

Phase two of the development strategy is to mature in-situ gasification opportunities and through time to move towards supplying greater than 50% of syngas feed to the CTL process from in-situ development.

  • This would be equivalent to replacing surface oil sands operations with in-situ oil sands development techniques such as steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).
  • The in-situ equivalent of SAGD in the coal world is underground coal gasification (UCG).
  • In-situ gasification has a much lessor environmental footprint and a lower operating cost.

Environmental grants – Given the size of the opportunities, several locations with multi billion tonnes of coal (surface and subsurface) that can be converted to clean transportation fuels, the reduced emissions, carbon capture and compliance with EU 20-20-20 guidelines, Envidity believes that EU Horizon 2020 grants and other clean energy grants are readily applicable.

Strategic partnerships – Considering the scope of the opportunity, Envidity envisions that it will be able to create strategic business partnerships with technology providers and suppliers, as well as local energy companies. These partnerships will include off-take and power purchase agreements.

Core business ramps up quickly – Cash flow from the 1200 barrel per day (bpd) synthetic fuel plant is expected to be on-line within 24 months. This cash flow will be used to expand production and facilitate the development of in-situ coal gasification.

  • Production target is 20,000 bpd within 60 months.
  • Long term potential > 100,000 bpd.