Envidity Overview

Envidity is a resource and project development company that uses proven commercial and clean technologies to convert low grade coal resources into high value-added commodity end products, such as clean synthetic transportation fuels and low cost electricity.

Our approach significantly increases the value of the underlying resources and has great respect for the environment.

Security of Energy Supply

Envidity’s clean, coal-to-liquids (CTL) facilities reduce a country’s reliance on imported transportation fuels, while using existing resources in environmentally friendly ways.

Environmental Benefits

Carbon capture and storage is an integral part of the process which makes this a very low carbon facility. Consequently, the project complies with the EU Roadmap 2050 Energy and Climate objectives.

Our facilities will co-fire 10-15% waste/biomass which will categorize the project as sustainable.

Synthetic fuel is sulphur free and has less than 1 ppm particulates (no black smoke)

Economic Benefits

Typical project direct investment over 5 years is estimated at EUR 1.9 billion.

  • Project 1 – €130 – 150 million (1200 barrels per day).
  • Project 2 – €1.6 – 1.75 billion (20,000 barrels per day).

Including taxes, spin-offs, indirect economic benefits, total economic impact will be greater than €6 billion.

  • 500 to 3500 construction jobs.
  • 100 to 300 full time jobs.

Social Benefits

Self-sufficiency in transportation fuel.(imports are unreliable).

Less pollution provides higher quality of life for citizens.

Low carbon solutions to power local communities, schools and hospitals.

Training and scholarship programs for clean energy solutions and engineering.